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How to Use Gatwick Parking Airport Reviews to Get Good Services

If you are travelling by air, there are many reasons you would want to get a Gatwick airport parking discount. For those going on holiday, the extra money can go a long way to get you the best experience in your vacation spot. You could use the savings to pay for an exciting activity like bungee jumping, snorkelling, horse rides, skydives, etc., depending on the place you are visiting.

If travelling just to visit family and friends, you could perhaps use the extra money to buy a gift for a loved one. Who wouldn't appreciate such a gesture? If you are a business person with multiple trips to different business destinations throughout the year, the tiny savings can add up at the end of the year and be used for something tangible.

But, the problem is that there are just too many companies offering parking services today since demand has really soared over the past years. There are good and bad services and telling them apart can be tough. The best way to go about this is to browse Gatwick parking airport reviews. These will allow you to see what each company has to offer in terms of security and quality even as you look for cheap airport parking Gatwick rates.

Where to find Gatwick parking airport reviews

You, of course, need to know where to look if you are to get reliable reviews. Be wary of sketchy random blogs posts reviewing particular services. These may be fake testimonials provided by paid writers or even the businesses themselves.

The Company Website

The company website itself can be good for testimonials, but you wouldn't expect them to keep negative reviews hanging on their walls, would you? For this reason, owner websites are not the most reliable when it comes to Gatwick parking airport reviews.

Google Reviews

Google reviews can be more trustworthy in that it is hard for the owners to manipulate negative reviews. If someone gives an account of their bad experience with a particular service, the report will stand.

Rant Sites

There are different rant sites that you can use to verify the quality of a service. All you have to do is type the name of the business in the search box on the site and any complaints will come up. Rip-off Report is good for this. But, you have to make sure what you are reading is unbiased and not fuelled by malice.

Social Media

There are two ways you can use social media to get some testimonials about a parking service. The first thing is to go to their page and see what comments people are leaving on their social media posts. Although these can be deleted easily if they are negative, you will still get a chance to see what to expect.

The other method involves typing the business in the social network search box, For example, typing the name if a business in Facebook's search box will reveal a number of public posts in which the business was mentioned. This has the advantage of posts not been deleted by the business in case they are negative since these are private.